Museums need game-changing 
We've got the 
We believe museums are magical places that have the power to transform people. We create experiences through exhibits, marketing and technology with that in mind.
Who we are.
Museum Playbook is a collective of seasoned industry insiders with experience across cultural history museums, art museums, historic sites,  science centers and natural history museums.
What we do.
We work with you to conduct research, uncover obstacles, brainstorm amazing ideas that will transform your museum by revolutionizing the visitor experience.
How we do it.
We deeply understand museum work. We fearlessly ask questions - challenge "the way we've always done it" - and help teams create sustainable, actionable plans.

Build community one project at a time.

Boost visitor engagement with innovative exhibit plans backed by audience research 
Build realistic tech plans that improve the visitor experience and fit your budget
Reach new audiences with expert digital marketing campaigns across social and web

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