Are museums ready for the world’s blackest material?

Vantablack … it’s the new black. In fact, it’s the world’s blackest material. Ever.

Made of carbon nanotubes that trap and absorb light, Vantablack is so black you can’t really see it.

It makes things disappear.

So far, Anish Kapoor is the only artist granted rights to use it. And Vantablack has some limitations. But someday Surrey Nanosystems will perfect it … and museums will be ready.

Use Vantablack for…

  1. A Star Wars interactive: “What’s inside Darth Vader’s head?”
  2. A haunted house or modern art entry: Takes a leap of courage to walk in the door.
  3. An exhibit on blindness for sighted people: Visitors rely on touch to navigate. It would also make 3D objects appear flat, encouraging touch to describe. (Yes, we know, you can’t touch Vantablack … yet.)
  4. A Wild West exhibit momento: Sell a circle of Vantablack you can wear on your forehead … it would look like a hole in your head.
  5. The world’s wildest Carny room: Visitors wouldn’t be able to judge distances or even sizes of other people in the room.
  6. A maze in an exhibit on animal navigation: Visitors navigate without sight like a blind salamander, a bat or a naked mole rat.
  7. A Harry Potter costume: Wear the cloak of invisibility.
  8. Exhibit mounts: Really make your hardware disappear so your objects float in space.
  9. More exhibits: On aliens, outerspace … or the depths of the ocean!
  10. Clothing: Pants that literally make your butt disappear.

Vantablack: It’s that black.

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