5 Technology Mistakes Museums Often Make

I’ve spent the last decade working with tech. From exhibit interactives to online advertising, I’ve developed strategies and led teams to make these projects happen. And along the way there have been a handful of common mistakes that I’ve encountered again and again. Here’s  the list in the hopes that it helps you avoid them! […]
Dueling Tip Jars

Free Idea Friday: Dueling Tip Jars

The first time I encountered this idea at a coffee shop, I thought it was ingenious! My husband and I had stopped in to buy our usual cuppa when we saw them. Two jars, one with a photo of Captain James T. Kirk and another with Captain Jean Luc Picard. The sign read “Vote for […]
Edward Hopper, Hotel Lobby 1943

Free Idea Friday: Get into it

Convincing museum visitors to look at a work of art for more than a few seconds can be a real challenge. We’ve tried a thousand different ways to engage them – interactive labels, mobile apps, docent-led tours, handouts, videos, and the list goes on and on. I would argue that the reason these external additives […]