The 3-step process to create the best exhibit tech

As a museum technologist, I have received many requests for exhibit technology. Often these requests began with “we need a touchscreen” or sometimes even “we need 3 technology interactives in this exhibit”. My reply was always the same…”What’s the content?” Content has historically taken a back seat to the “WOW” factor that technology provides. Museum […]

Introducing KODEX : Interactive Content Platform

As the interactive technology leader at the world’s largest children’s museum, I often got requests to create exhibit technology that served to transform label copy into more dynamic and engaging content. There were often audio files, videos and slideshows that could illustrate concepts far better than paragraphs of text. But, the cost of building unique […]

Free Idea Friday: Creative Ways to Earn More Revenue

When you’re in the non-profit business, the business end often gets complicated by the non-profit end. Finding creative ways to earn revenue can be a challenge because of silo-ed departments, restrictive budgets or even just pure exhaustion. So, I thought I would offer up a few ideas that are easy to implement, can inject new […]

5 Technology Mistakes Museums Often Make

I’ve spent the last decade working with tech. From exhibit interactives to online advertising, I’ve developed strategies and led teams to make these projects happen. And along the way there have been a handful of common mistakes that I’ve encountered again and again. Here’s  the list in the hopes that it helps you avoid them! […]