Museum leadership with Master Yoda

Visionary leaders face their fears

What does a visionary leader look like? Some would look to innovators like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. Often the term “visionary” is tied to innovation. And when you start digging into it, risk-taking is a key characteristic that leads to innovation. And, we all want to work toward innovation. But what does visionary museum […]

Snapchat for non-profits

Head over to one of my favorite blogs, Convince and Convert, to learn about how Snapchat has the power to get attention, engage users and tell real-time stories. 0 likes

Talking about money…

Non-profit salaries are a touchy subject, but this rational, logical justification for paying people what they are worth will hopefully make it easier to open up the discussion. All right, we need to talk about nonprofit salaries 0 likes