Free Idea Friday: Creative Ways to Earn More Revenue

When you’re in the non-profit business, the business end often gets complicated by the non-profit end. Finding creative ways to earn revenue can be a challenge because of silo-ed departments, restrictive budgets or even just pure exhaustion. So, I thought I would offer up a few ideas that are easy to implement, can inject new […]
Dueling Tip Jars

Free Idea Friday: Dueling Tip Jars

The first time I encountered this idea at a coffee shop, I thought it was ingenious! My husband and I had stopped in to buy our usual cuppa when we saw them. Two jars, one with a photo of Captain James T. Kirk and another with Captain Jean Luc Picard. The sign read “Vote for […]
Edward Hopper, Hotel Lobby 1943

Free Idea Friday: Get into it

Convincing museum visitors to look at a work of art for more than a few seconds can be a real challenge. We’ve tried a thousand different ways to engage them – interactive labels, mobile apps, docent-led tours, handouts, videos, and the list goes on and on. I would argue that the reason these external additives […]