Introducing KODEX : Interactive Content Platform

As the interactive technology leader at the world’s largest children’s museum, I often got requests to create exhibit technology that served to transform label copy into more dynamic and engaging content. There were often audio files, videos and slideshows that could illustrate concepts far better than paragraphs of text. But, the cost of building unique interactives to serve up this content was pretty limiting at $25K (or more) per station.

So when Vision Three Partner, Jeff Hopler shared KODEX with me, I was blown away! KODEX is a brand new interactive content platform that gives museums a new option. You can purchase a software license that allows you to build your own interactives, manage the content from a web browser and make updates whenever you need to. The system has five Experiences to choose from to allow you the flexibility to choose what works best for you content. They include:

  • Timeline – a more dynamic way to allow visitors to explore traditional timeline content
  • Mosaic – a beautiful collage of images that encourage exploration of collections of objects, images or concepts
  • Carousel – a powerful slider that allows you to organize categories of content into a beautifully simple interactive
  • Grid – a vertical interactive experience that allows you to display an alphabetized grid of assets to explore
  • Gallery – an impressive display meant to be experienced on an 80″ 4k screen that allows up to 3 visitors to explore interconnected content at the same time

All 5 experiences can be managed from a single web-based CMS (content management system) that allows your educator, curator, technologist or volunteer to upload, edit, delete and add content at any time.

How to use KODEX

The possibilities for KODEX are endless, but here are a few ideas:

  • Use the Gallery experience as a donor wall honoring the contributions of donors and the projects they’ve funded
  • Add Grid experiences to live specimen cases to feature each plant and animal and provide videos, audio files and descriptions of each one
  • Create Carousel experiences in your visitor center, entry lobby, cafe or other common areas to highlight the key exhibitions, events and other experiences happen at your museum this month
  • Build a Timeline experience to tell the rich story of your Historic House Museum
  • Install a Mosaic at the entry of each gallery to offer visitors an overview of what they will find and allow them to explore related objects that might still be in storage but have a cool story to tell

What museums are saying…

The response has already been positive, with client reviews like these:

“The KODEX platform has allowed us to give our visitors a completely new and deeper experience of the items in our galleries. For the visitor, it feels like custom software and for us it’s great
to be able to deliver that at a fraction of the cost.”

– STEVE SIPE, Director Exhibition & Graphic Design
The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

“Our mission is to celebrate more than a century of innovation, thrill, and adventure of motor racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and to present that history to our guests in a meaningful way. KODEX is a complete solution that helps us show a variety of content that brings racing heroes and their stories to life.”

-MIKE THOMSEN, Director of Communication
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Want to learn more?

If you think KODEX might be useful, send me a note and let’s chat. Or you can download a PDF with more info and screenshots.